Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No time for dwelling

It has been a busy week and a half. I usually enjoy busy because for me it means no time for dwelling on my anxiety or grief. But this week was a bit much. I am happy to report that I have now finished my work contract, I have studied my butt of and written my exams, packed and organized a bit of the house, decorated a playroom for Seija at the new house and threw two parties for my daughter to celebrate her third birthday. I am not happy to report that my poor little girl suffered a horrible bladder infection during the midst of her birthday celebrations.

It is so hard to see your kiddies sick. It started on Friday night and I thought she was getting better on Saturday (her birthday) but it came to a head on Sunday, the day of her parties. Poor thing was peeing every 2-5 minutes at her kiddie party and then I noticed there were tiny little blood clots in her urine when we got home and I freaked. Off to ER with us for hours and hours. She was such a trooper. Doctor said her infection levels were as high as they can possibly measure. She is on antibiotics now and should feel better soon. She says she is already better but I'm pretty sure she is just saying that because she doesn't like the taste of her medicine.

We have to take her for an ultrasound on Thursday to ensure there is nothing seriously wrong with her bladder. Doctor says it is regulation now for any child under 5 who has more than 1 UTI infection. Seija had one about 6 months ago. I am of course praying that there is nothing seriously wrong with her bladder or urinary track. I am grateful that doctors are following up but I'm scared a little too. Guess we will find out.

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