Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Children of the World

So, I'm sitting here watching Idol Gives back and the tears are falling down my face. It breaks my heart, (I literally feel chest pain) when I watch snippets like this, shots of children dying from Aids and starvation, watching children living in poverty, children who are victims of abuse, children who are sick, parentless children. Ever since I had my daughter my heart aches more to think of these children, millions of children across the world MILLIONS, suffering. I wish I could help them all but yet I feel helpless. Sure I can donate some money and I do but it doesn't feel like enough. I have a need deep inside to make a difference in a child's life, (other than my old children - I take it as a given that I will make a difference in their lives).

I started the process to become a big sister and it is a start towards this goal. I often tell Juha that if lightening strikes twice for us, if this baby is taken away from me too then we will need to adopt a child, give a home to a child who really really needs one. Maybe this is something we can do anyways, in the future. But I think I have a lot of work to do on the husband first. :-)

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